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The right floor preparation for your project

2015-08-24 04:04:06

Do you have a refurbishment or new build project that requires efficient and professional floor preparation? There are numerous types to choose from, each one offering different benefits, from pourable grout to epoxy crack injection.

Methods available:

Pourable Grout
Ideal for: Wide cracks in horizontal surfaces / Stanchions / Masts / Rail tracks / Barriers / Anchor bolts / Filling beneath baseplates / Surface reinstatement / Inaccessible voids

Features: Mixed in own container / Two component, pre-measured / No solvents system / Pourable and self levelling / Requires no finishing / No shrinkage / High strength and cure and early stage.

Epoxy Repair Mortar
Ideal for: Surface repair of horizontal and vertical / Adhesive bonding of coping stones, flags and slip bricks Substrates / Plinths / Steps / Thin surface finish repairs / Reinstatement of structural joint edges.

Features: No error two component system / Mixed in own container / Applied and finished with hand tools / High strength at full cure / Non-slump / Quick strength development permits early trafficking / Non-drip / No solvents / Unobtrusive/ Concrete grey finish can be feathered to an edge / No shrinkage

Epoxy Crack Injection
Ideal for: Early protection against corrosion of reinforcement / Sealing of cracks in concrete slabs and floors / Sealing against gas and moisture / Consolidation of friable rock or stone (May cause staining)

Features: Ready to use kit / Non-return valves on adhesive nipples and connection hose / Resin and hardener contained in one cartridge / Low viscosity resin allows for deep / No power required penetration / No drilling / Shrink free / Superb mechanical properties.

Surface preparation division

Captive Vacuum Shotblasting
Recognised as fast, modern, clean and safe, shotblasting is invaluable if work has to be completed in a short time frame. Effective on both concrete and steel, it leaves a clean, lightly keyed, profiled surface from which to begin further work.

Diamond Grinding
When a smooth finish is required, diamond floor grinding provides a profiled surface suitable for subsequent thin film coatings such as single coat paints or sealant. It can be used as a second stage finishing operation after planing or shotblasting where levelling screeds are omitted. Quiet and virtually dust free, our ranges of grinders include the very latest single and double headed models.

Concrete planers are mainly used for the removal of coatings and preparation of substrates. They can also be used to remove concrete in layers thus altering floor levels. These operations are DUST and FUME controlled and after planing is complete the floor slab can be diamond grinded to restore surface finish. Our concrete planers can be fitted with a variety of different cutting heads to suit a range of applications and are either manual or self-propelled.

Nationwide coverage

Based in Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, Diamond Drilling & Cutting Ltd work on projects large and small nationwide. From surrounding areas in the North East, such as Sunderland, Newcastle and Middlesbrough to further afield, we work right across the UK.

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